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WIA-E Rome invites to webinar “Out of this world Architecture”

WIA-E Rome is pleased to invite you to the webinar “Out of this world Architecture” that will take place the 15th of December 2020 (from 18:00 to 19:00, CET).

The official language of the event will be English to allow everyone interested to participate from all over Europe.

The invited guest is Barbara Imhof, internationally active space architect, design researcher, educator and co-founder and co-managing director of LIQUIFER Vienna and Bremen. Her lecture will explore the implications of space as an environment for future habitation both materially and conceptually.

Research and development projects of LIQUIFER highlight topics of living with limited resources, in limited spaces and living self-sufficiently. Concept studies for lunar and Martian bases as well as building prototypes set within future scenarios for living on earth and in space form the basis of LIQUIFER’s work. Arts-based and basic research in the fields of biomimetics and integrating biological systems into architecture add to the circular systems perspective of future narratives for our extended world. In the last part of the webinar, there will be a live Q&A session to allow you to directly interact with Barbara!

The moderator of the event will be Annamaria Nassisi, Manager Strategic Marketing for Observation, Exploration and Navigation at Thales Alenia Space in Rome (Italy) and co-leader of the WIA-E Rome Local Group.

The link to the event’s Eventbrite page to reserve your free ticket to join the webinar is sent via e-mail to all WIA-E members! If you have not received it yet, contact: rome@wia-europe.org.

Do you want to attend, even though you are not a member yet? Join our association and register by following the instructions here.

We are looking forward to your participation!

You can find a video of the event on WIA-E’s Official YouTube Channel here.

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