Event 29.04.2021Time 12:00 BST
Location Zoom

ALTER TECHNOLOGY is the leading provider of micro and optoelectronics services in engineering, procurement, assembly, and test in space and harsh environment markets. Our company develops and offers complete turn-key solutions covering front-end engineering test, wafer and dice probing and final test, as well as wafer sawing, packaging, and assembly. Our services also extend to equipment and systems testing and certification in fields like small satellites, drones, security, transport, nuclear, etc. Our organization works with superior technology, breakthrough innovations, and advanced applications to make our partner’s work easier.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY, is a member company of TÜV NORD GROUP, it is the result of the consolidation, of five european leaders in the field of electronic components engineering, procurement and testing services for space.

We look forward to working with ALTER TECHNOLOGY to improve opportunities for women in the aerospace sector.

For more information about ALTER TECHNOLOGY, please visit their website.