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WIA-E Barcelona – #Space4Change Conference with Alba Badia

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COSMIC RESEARCH by ALBA BADIA: President and Team leader of Cosmic Research

Non-profit student association focused on suborbital rockets. They are the most prolific Spanish rocketry student group in history, having launched over 35 rockets in only 5 years. Also, they serve as launch contractors during ESA CanSat competitions in Spain while collaborating with INTA to launch the most powerful student-made Spanish rocket ever made – Bondar. They will make know the 2 actual projects that are developing.

On the one hand, the CanSat mission, based on the development of rockets to launch mini-satellites. On the other, the Bondar mission, which consists on showing all the technologies developed and phases during a mission by launching a rocket into the stratosphere.

Bondar is the prototype of a suborbital rocket that will serve as an experimental platform in microgravity and hypergravity conditions.

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