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Discounts for WIA-E members for SpaceTech 2022!

The SpaceTech 2022 application deadline has been extended to 31 January 2022!

To support women in the field of STEM, TU Graz Life Long Learning will provide stipends (scholarships) of 1/3 of the programme fee to members of Woman in Aerospace Europe.

This means that the programme fee for WIA-members is only ā‚¬ 22.666.67 instead of ā‚¬ 34.000,-!

The aerospace sector is a fast growing market. Multinational corporations are conducting research on cutting-edge technology to successfully develop new products and services. Some examples include satellite services in the communication, navigation and remote sensing fields, aerospace transportation, space tourism or the future mining of extraterrestrial materials.

Through the master’s programme “SpaceTech”, participants are trained by experts in the fields of Space Systems and Business Engineering and prepared to take on key roles and management responsibilities in the international environment of the space industry.

Find out more and apply here: http://SpaceTech.tugraz.at

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