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The Ingenuity (In)Visible by Núria Salán

“The Ingenuity (In)Visible”

In this talk we would like to give visibility to the unknown scientific and technological discoveries made by woman, which has been camouflaged in mainstream history.

While some male science celebrities has had really good visibility on google, woman who has made amazing contributions to our society and technology are not so much known. This is one of the main reasons of the “gender gap” of STEM woman.

The Ingenuity (in)Visible aims to make visible the ingenuity of those woman inventors of things that we use daily but that they are unknown for the majority of our society.

Núria Salán is a Chemist with a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering. She is currently a proferssor at the ESEIAAT and deputy director of the center. She is also president of the “Societat Catalana de Tecnologia”. She likes to show the best side of the technology in order to make it attractive for the society in general and specially for teenagers and young girls, to introduce them to technology from a different point of view.

Núria is also host of the TV show “The (in)visible ingenuity” on FibracatTV about female inventors.

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