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Mariella Graziano

Mariella Graziano is an Italian Aerospace Engineer from theĀ  University of Rome La Sapienza. In 1996 she attended the Summer Session of the International Space University in Vienna. She started her professional career workingā€Æfor a small Italian and technology related company, TER SRL.Ā 

In 1996 she moved to The Netherlands working for the European Space Agency in the area of system engineering and space simulation. In 1999 she started working for GMV in Spain in the area of mission and space system analysis.

Within GMV, Mariella assumed different technical and managerial responsibilities. In 2007 she was appointed as Executive Director of a newly created Business Unit, Space Segment and Robotics. From May 2020 Mariella is in charge of the GMVā€™s Aerospace International Strategy and Coordination within the Flight Systems and Robotic domains.Ā 

She is a member and chairman of many international associations, among those, the IAA Planetary Defence Committee, the IAF Exploration Committee, the IAF Global Exploration Conference, Women In Aerospace Europe, etc.ā€Æ

She is a member of the International Academy of Astronautics and member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Field Robotics. She has more than 40 papers and publications within the space domain.

Mariella is very active in the area of STEAM and diffusion of sane space culture within young generation.

She loves mountains and the moon, she like all arts and cultural expressions and diversities, mostly sculpture (she has an art studio together with 5 friends), music and theatre.ā€Æ

She is a wife and mother of two fantastic boys.

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