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Loft Orbital: WIA-Europe Bronze Corporate Member

Loft Orbital is a pioneer in providing Space Infrastructure as a Service. Our mission is to be the fastest, simplest, and most reliable path to orbit for any payload. We fly customer payloads onboard regularly scheduled satellite missions, and we handle the entire mission as a service. With Loft, our customers can focus on what matters most to them: their payload and the data it collects. To make it possible, we have developed the software and hardware products that make our satellite missions truly plug-and-play, eliminating years of complex design and engineering. With qualified, commodity satellite buses procured in advance and available off-the-shelf, we deliver payloads to orbit in months instead of years. Founded in 2017, Loft Orbital is a french-american company with more than 130 employees working in Toulouse, France, San Francisco, California, and Boulder, Colorado.

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