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Pangea Aerospace

Pangea Aerospace is an aerospace start-up based in Barcelona and Toulouse focused on developing efficient and sustainable propulsion systems to travel to, from and around space.

Pangea is the only company in the world to have successfully tested a liquid aerospike engine. This engine is fully 3D printed, powered by green fuel propellants, such as biomethane and oxygen, and is reusable. Aerospikes were first theorized by NASA back in the 70s but never reached the spotlight due to their severe technical challenges, which Pangea has solved introducing new technologies into its design.

This propulsion technology is their core solution. It brings, sustainability, reusability, scalability, and cost efficiency into the major leagues of launchers.

They are also leading the development of innovative launcher technology making reusable rockets the catalyst for sustainable and low-cost access to space.

With a disruptive ‚Äúpay-per-flight‚ÄĚ business model, Pangea Aerospace wants to change the way we access Space making it¬†sustainable and for everyone.

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