Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Workshop: If you think you’re not burning out, she is. Now what?

In the post-pandemic Era of Great Resignation, none of us is immune to burnout triggers. Did you know that failing diversity and inclusion policies are one of them? And that your female colleagues are more endangered, even if (or better said, because) they act as superwomen?

Join Lucia Klestincova>> at this beautiful embodiment experience that will help you understand

  1. The basics of burnout. (No, it’s not just the body saying NO. And no, mindfulness break and calendar hacking isn’t the answer.)

  2. How organisations fail at addressing it. (Going deeper into one of the aspects of the diversity checklist introduced at the session on Monday at 13h)

  3. What is the opportunity & business case of promoting feminine leadership as a way of skyrocketing your team’s coherence and productivity.

  4. One easy-to-implement modality that will empower you as an individual, team member and manager.

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