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WIA-Europe Toulouse: Women for Future – Act now to go forward

The situation is critical. We are facing a singular ‘polycrisis’: climate, food, sanitary, energy, finance, economy, social, digital and technology related. It is time to gather all talents, women and men, every skill, every energy, and every goal to face this unprecedented challenge.

We are living in a rapidly changing world: 85% of tomorrow’s jobs are yet to be invented or reinvented. Things are going really fast!

This is now a real challenge. The time has come to face it
 Where are women?

How to link them to these fields when they represent only 24% of it? They also represent 11% of cybersecurity, 13% of the construction sector, 22% of algorithm design, 2% of finance management, and 6% of CEOs.

It is more than crucial for women, as well as for men, to bring all their contributions to create the future of employment.

Toulouse, in the Occitanie area, seems undeniably like the ideal place for it. Which better place, than one where every day we create and experience tomorrow’s jobs? It is where we predict climate, we create, foresee the crisis, search for ways to save lives, how to better feed our planet, or how to travel around the world

Occitanie, a place of research and talent, home to some of the world’s oldest universities, has already successfully brought together women from the Mediterranean region at the Women For Future 2022 summit in Montpellier.

No time is to be wasted. Let’s connect women to tomorrow’s jobs!

It is time to take action, women and men together, for all of us.

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