Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Online Event: A Career with GMV

Do you dream of being one of the women who will change the course of history?

In GMV we have been developing the best space technology for almost 40 years, relying on womenā€™s talent to do so. We areā€¦

  • Leaders in operations centers and surveillance and tracking technology,
  • Pioneers in the development of GNSS systems.
  • European leaders in avionics and guidance, navigation, and control systems for satellites and launchers.
  • Forerunners in R&D and European space robotics technology.
  • Leading providers of Earth observation processing and applications.

We offer the opportunity to learn with the best professionals, work on international projects, and develop the most advanced technology.

You will inspire and lead the change, contribute with your vision, and positively impact on society and our business.

We seek for dreamers to challenge the worldĀ“s problems with technological solutions.

Do you want to know more about GMV? Donā€™t miss this event!

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WIA-Europe is presenting this event as part of our “Conversations with WIA-Europe Corporate Members”, linking individual talent with the industry.

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