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Mindfulness Workshop for Women in Aerospace

? Embrace tranquillity and empower your journey with our Mindfulness Workshop tailored for Women in Aerospace

Unlock the Potential of Mindfulness:
Join Christiane Llaca, our Planning and Operations Manager for WIA Europe, certified in Mindfulness Emotional Management and Positive Psychology by the European Institute of Positive Psychology.

? Agenda:
1. Introduction to Mindfulness:
Explore the essence of mindfulness and its transformative impact on your personal and professional life.

2. Benefits of Mindfulness:
Delve into the concrete advantages of mindfulness, from stress reduction to heightened focus.

3. Guided Meditation:
Immerse yourself in a brief, soul-nourishing meditation led by Christiane, embracing the calming and centering effects of mindfulness.

4. Interactive Discussion:
Engage in a mindful conversation about integrating these practices into the unique challenges faced by women in the aerospace industry.

5. Q&A Session:
Seize the opportunity to have your questions about mindfulness answered and gain insights into its practical application.

Invest in Yourself:
Don’t miss this chance to increase your well-being and foster professional growth.

Join us for an hour of serenity and empowerment.

Date: December 1
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Duration: 1 Hour
Location: Online

Register through the link in the latest digest.

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