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WIA-Europe UK: Step Up & Shine in 2024

Join us for this highly interactive session to clarify your career and leadership goals for 2024. First, weā€™ll explore where you want to be at the end of the year. Next, weā€™ll identify blocks, obstacles, and beliefs that might hold you back from getting there. And finally weā€™ā€™ll prioritize and create action strategies to set you up for success throughout the year. Weā€™ll also explore why it’s important to not just focus on the destination, but to also pay attention to the journey!

Gabriella Goddard is the Coaching Director at the Brainsparker Leadership Academy with 20+ years of international experience in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. She is an alumni of the International Space University and a Mentor for the UKSA Accelerators and UNOOSA Space4Women (2023). She regularly writes articles on leadership and innovation for Forbes and is the creator of the brainsparker app, one of the top creativity apps worldwide.

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