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Recipient of the WIA-Europe/TU Vienna Scholarship Announced

TU Vienna Marilia Matos


WIA-Europe member Marilia Matos receives the WIA-Europe Scholarship for the new Executive MBA Space Architecture program at TU Vienna that aims to bridge the gap between business, enigineering, architecture and other technical and social sciences and connect Space with Earth.

She convinced the selection jury, consisting of Dr. Sandra HƤuplik-Meusburger, Academic Director, Mag. Catherine Purrucker, Head of the program, and Ms. Diana Pueyo, WIA-Europe, with her motivation, professional experience, and financial need.

Ms. Marilia MatosĀ was born in Portugal and holds an MSc in Aerospace Engineering with a specialisation in Astronautics. Throughout her career, she has acquired expertise in aerospace engineering. She has worked as Galileo Software Product Assurance (PA) Engineer at DLR GfR in Oberpfaffenhofen.Ā  Currently, she is working as a Space Rider Ground Segment Engineer at ESA, an opportunity that arose after two years as a National Trainee in the Directorate of Space Transportation at ESRIN.

Marilia is a highly motivated, resilient, and active person who is fascinated by technology and wants to make a real positive impact on the world. With the Executive MBA program, she wants to improve her leadership and innovation skills, expand her technical knowledge, and collaborate with international partners in an interdisciplinary environment.

ā€œI am an active learner who seeks to acquire new knowledge with each work and academic experience. That being said, when I read about the E-MBA in Space Architecture, I was very excited to apply for a degree that is compatible with my professional career and is aligned with my future goals in the Space community. This degree would be of paramount importance as a professional young woman to obtain further capabilities and qualifications to contribute to an even more ambitious and efficient space agenda while learning from true experts. Moreover, the thing that excites me the most is the fact that I will be able to improve my leadership and innovation skills, and strengthen technical knowledge while interacting with international partners in an interdisciplinary environment.ā€

TheĀ Executive MBA Space ArchitectureĀ starts onĀ March 7, 2024Ā for the first time. Detailed information is available atĀ https://www.tuwien.at/en/ace/mba-programs/space-architecture.Ā 

Late application for the programme is still possible!

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