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Diverse Reads For Inclusive Minds – June 2024 Issue

  • Monthly curated book recommendations, which focus on topic surrounding gender equality, diversity, inclusion and more.
  • This month’s recommendation from WIA-Europe member C√©cile Deprez:

What Works: Gender Equality By Design by Iris Bohnet 

What makes this a must read?

We all need to start somewhere, and when it comes to diversity and inclusion, the most common starting point for companies, more particularly in male-dominated STEM and aerospace fields, is to focus on improving gender diversity for employees self-identified as women and men. However, finding the right approach for one’s company might be complicated. This book will provide you with a large range of hands-on initiatives, illustrated with examples and studies, and complemented by explanations on cognitive biases, which will help you develop your own strategies to encourage gender diversity and reflect on your own prejudices.

Who is it for?

It’s June, it’s Pride Month, and you keep reading and hearing about diversity and inclusion, and the benefits of employees coming to work as their authentic selves, but you don’t really know where to start or how to improve your current DEI policies ? If only there was a guide you could follow, a summary of the different aspects to consider, the best practices, with their pros and cons, and how they can practically be implemented. Well, it turns out there is one, at least for gender diversity, and it is right here, in this book!

Which quote left a lasting impression?

‚ÄúApparently, when informed of the bias, people assumed that their counterparts would be affected by it but believed they were capable of assessing the information objectively. [‚Ķ] People are quite ready to see biases in others, but they overlook the very same biases in themselves.‚ÄĚ


This author created a pragmatic and easy-to-read book which can be used as a tool in your daily work life. The book is well organized, with a clear and detailed table of contents summarizing the main concepts and strategies covered by each chapter.

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