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WIA-Europe and COSPAR sign partnership

Today international space associations Women in Aerospace Europe and the Committee on Space Research announced the signature of an agreement cementing their partnership. Presidents Dr. Simonetta Di Pippo and Prof. Giovanni Fabrizio Bignami sealed the deal to great rejoicing in both camps, as the two organisations formally gave the green light on working together to pursue their respective goals.

The partnership is set to be a fruitful one, as WIA-E and COSPAR cooperate to strive towards their complementary objectives. Both initiatives stand for fostering a global network of aerospace sector workers and protecting their interests, so members and associates alike can expect exciting new developments and opportunities provided just for them.

Women in Aerospace Europe was formed in 2009, and its mission objective has always been to encourage and advocate for women in the sector, and eventually form a web of connected professionals all over the world. COSPAR has a long and rich history of being a forum for all aerospace scientists, and impartially promoting scientific research in space, regardless of national borders.

Their shared international outlook and similar paths mean that the partnership was a natural one, and shall improve their mutual prospects as only an alliance between kindred purposes can. Together they look to a successful future, and an auspicious union.

Simonetta Di Pippo said: ‚ÄúAfter two years from its inception, WIA Europe has reached already several of its objectives. The agreement announced today with COSPAR is another big step ahead in this direction; infact, it will help women to improve their presence and visibility in science through common actions and activities between our two organizations. And the more we both can contribute to the importance and representativeness of women in space science, the more we will contribute to the future of our society‚ÄĚ.

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