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WIA-sponsored ‘unconference’ a success

Sometimes conferences can all start to feel the same. Two Stuttgart students decided to take it upon themselves to break the mold, and they approached WIA to support them.
The SpaceUp Unconference was held on October 27, in Stuttgart, marking Germany’s first ‘unconference’. This is a phenomenon that has its roots in the United States, and centres around getting as many people as possible actively involved – no set structure, no attendance fee, no inhibitors to a good and open discussion about space.

Volunteer organisers Anja Frey and Andreas Hornig, Aerospace Engineering students at the University of Stuttgart, came to WIA for support in making this fantastic idea come to life. With almost 80 enthusiastic participants (despite the unexpected snowstorm), over 300k views on the Twitterspere and a wide range of thought-provoking sessions, there’s no doubt they succeeded. Be sure to read the full report and visit the website for videos of the presentations.

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