On 10 November, in the town hall of Bremen, Claudia Kessler was awarded a silver medal by the International Förderkreis Raumfahrt (IFR), an international society for the advancement of space. The award was in recognition of her commitment and service to the space sector.









Claudia Kessler is CEO of HE Space, a Personnel Recruitment Company with an exclusive focus on the space sector. The HE Space headquarters are located in Bremen, with other offices operating across Europe and in the USA. Claudia Kessler is also 1st Vice President of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt, the German Society for Space, and is heavily involved in supporting engineering and scientific young academics in Germany. As the co-founder of Woman in Aerospace Europe (WIA), she created an international platform to encourage and support girls and woman with technical backgrounds and to push their careers in the space sector. In addition she works on a voluntary basis for the International Astronautical Federation on the “Board for Workforce Development” to support woman in the global space business.
Finally, Claudia sits on the Board of the HE Space Children’s Foundation which supports children in the poorest regions of the world and provides them with basic educational infrastructure in primary, secondary and vocational schools. The long-term goal of the Foundation is to influence and improve the quality of education, themed to the motto “To raise up an astronaut”.