Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

CNES Joins the Corporate Membership of WIA Europe

Established in 1961, CNES is the public institution responsible for proposing to the Government the French space policy and its implementation in Europe. It develops and sends satellites in orbit and invents tomorrow space systems; il promotes the emergence of new services, useful in everyday life.

CNES is at the origin of major space projects, launchers and satellites, that it makes carried out by the industry. It also encompasses scientific partners and is involved in many international cooperation.
France, represented by CNES is the main contributor to the European Space Agency (ESA), mandated by its 20 members to conduct the space policy of Europe.









Progress for women in the space sector and in particular within CNES, remains a constant vigil. To increase the number of young women in the scientific and technology sectors, the visibility of women in aerospace, and to help them to develop leadership qualities, have been at the heart of CNES concerns for a long time.

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