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Impression of WIA-E Leiden visit to TNO

On April 30, WIA-Europe Leiden organised a visit to TNO. The visit started with an introduction by the Director of TNO Space, Dr. Henri Werij, who gave the group an overview of space activities acrossĀ  TNO’sĀ  many locations and specializations. He then focused in on local optomechanical instrument development activities in Delft.

Then the group was split into 3 smaller groups, each guided by a TNO manager. We toured the optics labs where TNO experts gave very passionate talks about their current projects.

Specifically, a 3D printed model of the TROPOMIĀ  instrument as delivered for the Sentinel 5 precursor mission was available for viewing – and even touching (under supervision of course! ). Also,Ā  the Nanomefos machineĀ  was on display and members were impressed by its unprecedented optical metrology capabilities. We learned about freeform optics and even the complications in both mirror manufacturing and coatings. Finally, we covered Fiber-BraggĀ  gratingĀ  developments for multi-sensorĀ  fiber optic systems that are extremely stable and able to withstand harsh environments.

The talks were highly technical and attendees enjoyed asking detailed questions. The atmosphere was really friendly and the TNOĀ  team were amazing hosts!

Afterwards there was ample time for a drink as our dinner was waiting for us at ‘t Postkantoor.

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