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WIA-Europe Geneva Local Group – Launch Event

The event was very successful with a full pre-reservation of 200 people and about 160 persons attending including MBA alumni, local and international professionals of the subject sector. It was a well balanced audience of men and women.¬† Six guests speakers were representing today’s space entrepreneurs – 4 women and 2 men renown in the sector:

  • Volker Grass, Director, Swiss Space Center (EPFL)
  • Daria Lopez-Alegria, Founder of SpaceBridges
  • Julian Harris, Chief Technical Officer, ELSE SA
  • Patricia Cooper, Vice President of Satellite Government Affairs, SpaceX
  • Whitney Lohmeyer, Communications Systems / Regulatory Engineer, OneWeb
  • Ntorina Antoni, Lawyer, Swiss Space Systems Holding SA

Mr Rancy Director of BR gave a statement and ITU was well represented by Mrs Bogdan-Martin, Mr Henri, Mr Matas, Mrs Betchov and colleagues. The private sector was present with delegates from NASA, INMARSAT, BOEING, S3 and others.

The Swiss Space Office and ITU sponsored the event in addition to WIA-Europe and UNIGe and, thus, the budget allowed a free public venue, a networking cocktail, video coverage and communication campaign of the event.

The event was a great partnership success between WIA-E and eMBA alumni amongst a total of 15 committed organizers, men and women of the 2 associations with each limited time to allocate to it.  At least 5 requests for new membership from both men and women were received.

Main results:

  • Many “excellent” feedback of participants, professional in entrepreneurship or space sector.
  • The networking cocktail was appreciated to continue the discussion amongst passionate participants.
  • Requests were received to go furthermore about the subject and to renew the networking event.
  • Paola Belingheri, member of the WIA-E Board of Directors was present and mentioned that the launch event of WIA-E Geneva was the best attended among WIA Europe.
  • The quality of speeches were praised by professionals of the sector and each guest speaker.
  • Proposals for future events and activities were received, such as partnering with the Swiss Space Center to engage more local actors.

What’s next?

  • Continue to develop WIA-E Geneva and its vision of an inclusive representation ;
  • Communicate the success of the event ;
  • Track outcome;
  • Learn from the experience ;
  • Plan further actions for 2016: debriefing meeting, Escalade Walking group, … and much more.
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