Dear WIA-E members,

we have organized a special event to celebrate the Valentina’s Space Night!
In a dedicated area of Volkshaus Theater, we have organized a stage event with special guests telling stories of women, which made of Space their passion, life or destiny…
Due to the international celebration, each participant should cook and bring a typical dish from his country!

We will share space cocktails prepared at the moment !

  • When:   June 16th (Friday) 2017, 18:30 o’clock
  • Where:  Volkshaus, Hans Boeckler Strasse 9, 28217 Bremen

Please note:

• WIA-E  will offer the location a! Drinks have to be paid by yourself.
• Dresscode:  Any space accessories
• Please register here until June  10th, adding what you would like to cook!

Background of the event:

“Young Valentina Tereshkova, born in Maslennikowo, a town in the UDSSR, was a great admirer of Juri Gagarin, the first man in space. After a qualification to technican she applied for a qualification as cosmonaut in Russia. She became the first woman in the Russian cosmonaut team. On June 16th 1963 she started with the spacecraft Vostok 6 to her 3 days spacetrip. During this trip she rounded more than 50 times our home planet. After touchdown of Vostok 6 she was celebrated as first woman in space and was decorated with various Russian awards.”


Kind regards,

Your WIA Bremen Organizing Team