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2017 Outstanding Achievement Award goes to Claudie Haignere

Claudie Haigneré is the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award 2017 of Women in Aerospace Europe. Claudie has been selected for her outstanding contribution in the field of space exploration, in increasing visibility of women in the space sector and in engaging young girls in science and technology.
In 2001, Claudie became the first European woman to visit the International Space Station, as part of the ”Androm√®de” mission. She played a key role as astronaut, scientist and as a leader.

We would like to congratulate her with this award.

A full biography of Ms. Haigneré can be found here.

The Award Ceremony will take place on June 20 from 16:45 ‚Äď 17:00 at the ESA Pavilion of Le Bourget in Paris.

Below more information about the award.


The Oustanding Achievement Award, WIA-Europe’s most prestigious honour, is presented to individuals who have shown noteworthy achievement on or contributions to an aerospace related project or program that represents a breakthrough or milestone in the aerospace field in Europe, have shown exemplary leadership abilities demonstrated in the aerospace field, have served (or still serve) as a role model or mentor that demonstrates dedication  to the advancement  of women in aerospace, have contributed positively to the awareness of women in aerospace and have an active commitment to the professional growth of women in aerospace.

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