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WIA-E announces Grants 2018 – 1st semester

Dear WIA-Europe member,

are you interested in applying for a grant to attend an aerospace conference or workshop in the first semester of 2018? The deadline for submissions for this grant is 15 December 2017.

WIA-Europe would like to encourage and support upcoming talent ā€“ young professionals and students alike ā€“ and for this we have set up a grants programme.

The programme provides grants of ā‚¬ 1000 to cover attendance at aerospace workshops and conferences and is intended to support new and young colleagues with their first experiences in presenting a paper in an international context.


Applicants should be WIA-Europe members.

Applicants should send a short CV and the abstract of the paper they intend to present to theĀ Board Assistant. Papers should be formally accepted by the conference in which they are supposed to be presented, and the letter of acceptance e-mailed along with the application. The size of the application package should not exceed 1 MB.

WIA-Europe will acknowledge the reception of the application via e-mail.

Submissions related to all aerospace disciplines are welcome.

Successful applicants will be informed via e-mail. Along with the grant of ā‚¬ 1000 for the conference, they will also win a year-long free membership to WIA-Europe for the following year. They will also be requested to give a short presentation of their work at the next WIA-Europe General Assembly or event.

Interested to participate? Send your application package toĀ info@wia-europe.orgĀ before December 15th!

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