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WIA-E Toulouse 2018 Kick-Off event

70 women and some men joined the 2018 WIA Toulouse Kick-Off event held at Liebherr Aerospace, in Toulouse, on 14 March 2018.

François Lehmann, General Manager, welcomed all warmly and recognized the lack of women in his organization and explained his engagement to find a better balance.

According to the World economic Forum, we will need 217 years to close the gender gap ! What can we do to accelerate this amazing timeframe?

In 2017, WIA Toulouse continued actions in more than 30 secondary schools in partnership with C’gĂ©nial, in the jury of the Prix DiversitĂ©, participated in the Forum des MĂ©tiers and La Nuit de l’Orientation organized to help high-school students to choose their career path and in many other local events such as ELLE-active, ComitĂ© des villes Ariane event at the CitĂ© de l’Espace with the astronaut Claudie HaignerĂ©.

In 2018, we will also actively participate in the Toulouse Space Show to find women speakers and entrepreneurs.

WIA Toulouse is also a place to meet and to exchange, with several “apĂ©ro” meetings.

3 company Diversity Networks (Thales Alinea Space, Assystem, Airbus Defense & Space) came on stage to share experience of their actions of which we can at least remember:

  • Coaching is a success if a woman dares to apply for a position for which she has not absolutely all skills and required experience, if she has sufficient self-confidence to take risks
  • Companies start moving when HR systematically proposes a woman for each executive position

We also shared knowledge on Digital transition. Speakers insisted on the fact that for harvesting benefits from digital projects, a strong attention should be given to the people involved in the processes touched by the transformation, because their jobs will change.

We went to the closing cocktail with the inspiring and motivating words of Jack Ma “I you want your company to be successful, if you want your company to operate with wisdom, with care, women are the best.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9ufmovvgk4

Here below some photos of the event:






WIA Toulouse contacts:

  • Florence Assouline Roy
  • Marie Capron 06 74 83 76 47
  • Julie de Cevins
  • Catherine Lambert 06 60 22 95 51
  • Jennifer Newlands 06 34 38 64 00
  • Sarah Neumann 06 08 11 49 98
  • Pascale Ripoll 06 32 13 76 45
  • Maud Thuaudet 06 32 19 10 85
  • Imke Wintzer 06 03 56 34 98


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