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COSPAR & WIA-E: reinforcing collaborations in 2018-2020

Last March 19th, COSPAR has organised at the CNES premises, in Paris, their traditional Annual Reception bringing together representatives of the international scientific community, industries, ESA and national space agencies.

Following on the existing WIA-E and COSPAR collaboration, this event was an important opportunity to reinforce our mutual collaboration and to plan future strategic activities for 2018-2020.

According to the recent MoU signed by Luisella Giulicchi, President of WIA-E and Lennard A. Fisk, COSPAR President, both organizations agreed to cooperate together to represent the European space sector, and explore opportunities for attracting more women in the aerospace sector, to strengthen the international network of scientists and building together a platform of women scientists to act as a role models for:

  • inspiring young generations in STEM;
  • promoting European space programs;
  • highlighting European excellence in science and technology;
  • acting as an engine for ¬īdiversity and inclusiveness’ in space.

WIA-E was represented by Fiorella Coliolo, WIA-E Director for Corporate Membership and Events; and by members of WIA-Paris local group, lead by Hélène Ben Aim Drieux and Kammy BRUN.

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