Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Diana Pueyo

Diana Pueyo is our Director for Regional Development since 2013. In this role, she supports the creation and operations of local groups all over Europe. She launched the local group of Munich and lead the group until 2013.

She created and is now the Head of the Procurement Department at Thales Alenia Space in Spain.

Industrial engineer by training and with an international career in public and private aerospace organizations, Diana is a good paradigm of a Manager in Aerospace. Indeed, after more than ten years as technical expert in her fieldā€”Materials and Manufacturing Processesā€”she moved to management roles where she held responsibilities in the areas of Product Assurance, Project Management and Subcontractor Management.

What attracted Diana to engineering studies was her fascination for understanding how things work and her experimental mindset to see theories applied.

As motivational public speaker for small and large audiences, she likes to share her experience in the technical field and to raise awareness on how to tackle one of the main issues organisations are facing today: the scarcity of suitable candidates. In an environment of global competition and increasing complexity, the organisations that will better resolve this issue will have a critical advantage. Technical fields are especially affected by this problem.Ā  WIA-Europe is being a strong contributor in addressing this scarcity problem in the aerospace sector by tackling its different root causes. Diana is especially keen on working on what she thinks is the main driver of change: biases awareness. Indeed, biases affect us during all our life, from the choice of what to study to how we evaluate capacity or performance. And such biases prevent organizations from selecting and promoting the best candidates.

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