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YouSpace, an international partnership about innovation, events, success stories, job opportunities, dialogues, internships in the space sector between students, universities, research centers, industries and institutions, including the European ones.
Donā€™t hesitate to use it!

YouSpace Belgium was launched in October 2014.

We organize:

  • “Meeting Space Mentors/Space Mentees” twice a year with a call of each participant.
  • “YouSpace in Universities” we go to Belgian Universities with 3 professionals
  • “Space Job Fair” we plan to held a big event to make a buzz about the space sector every 2 years

Where we:

  • Share information,
  • Look for/offer internship positions,
  • Look for/offer jobs,
  • Give the possibility to contract a mentoring partnership
  • Look for a new training course,
  • Publicize an event,
  • Share ideas about a topic.

Our aim:
To give the chance to improve your future professional choice by involving you earlier in the space sector and giving you the opportunity to enlarge your contacts.
YouSpace wants to help you to find your path!

Our final goal:
To implement YouSpace in each European country to create a big EU Space Network between Students, Young Professionals and Senior Professionals.
Interested to implement YouSpace in your country? Take contact with: secretariat@dominiquetilmans.be

Let us face together new challenges and expand space borders!
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