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Sapienza Università di Roma

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Astronautica Elettrica ed Energetica (DIAEE) of Sapienza University of Rome is active in advanced research and high level education in aerospace engineering, as well as in electrical and energetics engineering. It is based in Rome, Italy.

DIAEE was established in 2010, by faculty members and researchers from former departments of Aerospace engineering, Electrical engineering, Applied physics and Nuclear engineering. It is organized in four Sections, according to the main research activity fields of interest in the Department: Electrical Engineering Section, Physical Engineering Section, Nuclear Engineering Section and Astronautical Engineering Section.

The Astronautical Engineering Section is located in Via Salaria, Rome, nearby the Urbe Airport, where the historical development of the San Marco program took place. The research activity in the aerospace engineering is mainly devoted to:

  • satellite systems development, including theoretical and applied research, with the development of ‚ÄúUniversity satellites‚ÄĚ manufactured and operated by researchers and¬† students. Satellite integration and testing facilities and a mission control center and ground station are available
  • space debris observation, with a telescope network operational in Rome and in connection with other international sites
  • Space mission design and trajectory optimization
  • Aerospace material development and testing

The activity is developed in connection with the relevant institutional and industrial entities, such as ASI, ESA, major space companies and SME.

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