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SpaceUp opens 2nd Space Academy, Bremen

Dear all,

we’re enthusiast to share with you an exciting opportunity provided by SpaceUp. Continue reading for more details about the project.


Information for the entrepreneurs and start-ups, in a nutshell

Through the SpaceUp project, which is coordinated by Aviaspace Bremen e.V., the European Union supports space-related start-up companies in their acceleration phase. This is mainly done by providing direct access to a wealth of different expertise, before and through six events. These are our two-day Space Academies to take place until May 2021. Space-related also includes entrepreneurs using satellite data, i.e. from Galileo or Copernicus for other industrial areas, like (maritime) transport, logistics, agriculture, etc..

The second Space Academy is now open for application. It is taking place on 18 and 19 November in Bremen, together with the SpaceTechExpo (19 to 21 November), where you can network with space technologists and enthusiasts. Entry for both events is free, albeit with separate registrations.

Please have a look at the attachedĀ first-call flyer, especially for workshop details and, after registering, choose one of our two questionnaires for

Participating (approx. 60 start-ups can attend our workshops in total)
Being selected for individual support and pitching (10 advanced start-ups, only, with strict deadline: 15 August 2019)

More details on the Space Academies, support services and application background are available on our website at www.space-academy.eu

(click on ā€˜learn moreā€™).

For future Space Academies in 2020 no registration is possible yet. Please subscribe to SpaceUp newsletter to stay updated.

If you need further or different information please do not hesitate to contact us under info@space-academy.eu

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