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WIA-Europe Symposium, “Space economy: women as game changers and innovators”

AIDAA 2019 XXV International Congress

WIA-Europe Symposium, “Space economy: women as game changers and innovators”
Room: Cloister, 11 September, 15h30 – 18h00

Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering of “Sapienza Università di Roma”, via Eudossiana 18

Dear WIA-E members,

ten years ago, Women in Aerospace (WIA) and WIA Europe signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of strengthening their relationship and building a global network. It was a world-wide pioneering initiative of its kind, embracing and globally spreading such values as equality and diversity, with no distinction of race, religion, gender or culture. WIA Europe remains committed to promote a strong supportive network of aerospace professionals at all levels, equal pay policy and equal career opportunities to attract more women into the STEM field as well as an educational programme for girls and boys to help the next generation break stereotypes.

Starting from June 12th, Women in Aerospace Europe is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a lot of planned events.

You are kindly invited to WIA Europe Symposium “Space economy: women as game changers and innovators” that will take place September 11 in the frame of the AIDAA 2019 XXV International Congress. For attendance please send confirmation with your name/surname to the communication email: Communications@wia-europe.org

The Space world is changing in the last decade with new actors that are shaping new business modeling. In this scenario we want to draw the attention on how the women involved in more representative role can drive this challenge objective.

Several studies found out that gender diversity increases a team’s success. A lot of studies for example figured out that teams with a lower percentage of women had lower profits than a team with a balanced gender mix. We can say that it is not surprisingly – because women are smart and valuable.

The study findings show that teams with an equal portion of men and women are the most successful. What do you think are the reasons for that? Which is the role that women can play in a different way? Why we can consider women as gamer changer and innovator?

Gender equality is also important when space companies want to attract young talents. A study found out that 67% of all job seekers overall look at workforce diversity when evaluating an offer. So if the company wants to employ the best candidates, they should better ensure diversity. Several businesses already started to fight for gender diversity.

In the end, the space company’s success fluctuates with the teams’ success. Therefore, we should take care of gender equality in our business, of course this approach is also true for Institutions (Agency, Defence, etc..) and Academia. It is not an easy task, what we can do? Which are the leverage to use (quota, etc..)

Women and Men often have different characteristics, experiences and backgrounds. Due to their different point of views, they can optimally discuss topics from several angles. This increases creativity and innovation. The more facets of a problem the team has in mind, the higher are the chances to find the optimal solution.

Annamaria Nassisi, Director of Communication for Women In Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) and Manager Strategic Marketing for Thales Alenia Space, will lead an Inspiring talk with women and men in leading space roles from politics, industry and institutions.

The female-male panel will be discussing their vision on which is the role and impact for the future of space with a more inclusive approach of diversity. The unique insights and experiences gained by the participants through achieving excellence in their respective professional fields promise an inspirational and engaging debate.

After paper presentation, the event is set out to open with a short statement from each panelist, followed by questions from Ms. Nassisi and the audience.

Please note: entrance is free only for WIA-E members who will have registered to the event by sending an email to Communications@wia-europe.org by  August 20.

More information about AIDAA Congress Plenary Lectures, Keynote Speakers and WIA Symposium: https://www.aidaa2019.com/index.php/programme

Stay tuned and a detailed programme with the paper authors selected and panelist will follow soon

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