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WIA-E Bremen offers a ZARM Space Facilities Tour: Drop Tower and MaMBA (Moon and Mars Base Analog)

Dear all,

we are excited to offer a special visit to the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM), an institute of the faculty of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen. The institute was founded in September 1985 and today ZARM is an internationally recognized research center with multidisciplinary expertise in fluid mechanics, space technology and space science. The research at ZARM covers experimental, theoretical and computational approaches to fundamental scientific questions, as well as the development of technology for space missions and microgravity experiments (for example on the International Space Station).

ZARM employs more than 100 scientists, engineers and administrative staff and hosts many students from the faculty of Production Engineering, as well as from the Physical Sciences and Information Technology departments.

The visit will be focused on the two following facilities:

  • Drop Tower

The ZARM Drop Tower offers the opportunity for short-term experiments under high-quality microgravity conditions and is the only laboratory of this kind in the world. The Bremen Drop Tower offers opportunities to achieve 9.3 s of microgravity with a vertical parabola made possible by a catapult. In drop mode, you can achieve 4.74 s of microgravity. Large size experiments are able to fit into the capsule, while autonomous and commanded experimental operation during free fall is possible.

  • MaMBA (Moon and Mars Base Analog)

One of the key challenges for extraterrestrial colonization is the need for a shelter and habitat that allows astronauts to live, work, and research the surface of these celestial bodies. The MaMBA (Moon and Mars Base Analog), which is funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation and coordinated by Christiane Heinicke faces exactly this challenge.

With the entertaining support of an English speaking researchers and engineer, the following tour is planned on Friday 20th September 2019:

  • 16:30 Check-in atZARM entrance (Universität Bremen Am Fallturm 2 –Bremen)
  • 16:40 MAMBA & ZARM presentation
  • 17:10 Simultaneous tours of MAMBA and visit to the top of the Drop Tower
  • 18:00 End of the Event

After the event we can share a drink to the Zum Platzhirsch (https://restaurant-zum-platzhirsch.de/)

  • When: 20th September 2019  from 16:30 -18:00
  • Where: ZARM -Universität Bremen Am Fallturm 2 –Bremen

The event has limited places, so try to be one of the first to secure your participation.

If you would like to participate, please register before 15th September by sending an email to wia.bremen@gmail.com.

Please register with name, surname and affiliation on time and inform us in case you will be not able to attend after registration.

Your WIA-E Bremen Organization Team

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