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WIA-E Rome Webinar no.1 for young students

Dear Associates,

We hope that you and your dear ones are healthy and safe during these hard times.

Due to the 1019ā€“20 COVID-19 Pandemic, everyone’s professional and private life has changed and every day we are facing something we would have ever expected and difficult to handle.

Following the measures adopted in various European countries and by WIA-E, our Local Group (LG) decided to temporarily suspend all the planned live events and meetings for next months to apply social distancing, as recommended.

In the current situation, we inevitably need to reconsider different aspects of our routines and habits, which we have always taken for granted. What is happening is allowing to revalue new strategies, as smart working and home office, and online platforms for live meeting and webinars to bridge the gap among people and connecting them, even if living in different regions, countries or cities. Therefore, we are planning to organize in next weeks online events and webinars in order to keep working on our activities while being stay close to our Local Group members and people interested in our organizationā€™s initiatives.

Our first planned activity will occur next Thursday, 7th of April 2020 from 3pm to 5pm. We are organizing an online webinar targeting kids and young students to encourage and support them in focusing on their studies, even if this period they have to apply social distancing. The main aim of this first event is to share with the students of an Italian high-school what really means studying aerospace engineering and working in this field. Moreover, one of the members of our Local Group will share her academic path to explain how what she has learned during university years can be applied to everyday life. To join the webinar, you can use the following link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/579500910

We will to you soon in order to update you with more details on our activities and to provide you with additional information on the online platform we will use so that you can join us and participate.

Here the webinar’s flyer.

With our warmest regards,

WIA- E Rome Local Group

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