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General Assembly 2020 Postponement

Dear WIA-E members,

In light of the current Public Health Emergency due to the spread of COVID-19 the board has decided to postpone the annual WIA-E General Assembly, usually to be held first half of the year.

The General Assembly 2020 is now planned for the second half of this year, however the specific date is still to be determined depending on the global health situation, which we are monitoring closely.

With the postponement of the GA to the second half of the year we also have to postpone the statutory approval of the accounts of 2019, which usually would be required before the 30th of June.

However, in light of the extraordinary situation we are currently facing on a global scale, we appreciate your understanding and collaboration on this matter.

Should you nevertheless have any formal objections to the postponement of the General Assembly and the approval of the WIA-E accounts for 2019, please donā€™t hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, we sincerely hope that you will remain safe and healthy, and will continue to expand our virtual presence to ensure we can fully support you during this difficult time.


Luisella Giulicchi
President WIA Europe

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