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Hyperspectral Web-Cafè

WIA-E Rome LG is glad to share with you the initiative “Hyperspectral Web-Caf√®” organized by Planetek Italia, Bronze Corporate Member of WIA-E, in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Gold Corporate Member of WIA-E.

It consists in a series of online meetings dedicated to the applications of the hyperspectral data produced by the PRISMA satellite. The objective is to share the acquired experience in the processing of PRISMA’s data and to make them available to the users for several application fields.

Each meeting has a duration of about 20 minutes and the official language is Italian. All participants to the Web-Cafè are entitled to receive free of charge the software developed by Planetek to manage hyperspectral data.

The program of the events is:

‚ÄĘ Thursday, 8th October 2020 (in Italian): “Introduzione alla missione e Portale dati PRISMA” ‚Äď with Massimo Zotti (Planetek) and Alessandro Coletta‚ÄĮ(ASI);

‚ÄĘ Thursday, 15th October 2020 (in Italian): “Sensore PRISMA, portale dati e licenza” ‚Äď with Cristoforo Abbattista, Francesca Santoro (Planetek) and Ettore Lopinto‚ÄĮ(ASI);

‚ÄĘ Thursday, 22th Ottobre 2020 (in Italian): “I software e le applicazioni dei dati PRISMA” ‚Äď with Massimo Zotti, Luigi Agrimano and Giuseppe Maldera (Planetek) and Claudia Giardino (CNR-IREA).

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