Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Cristina Valente, WIA-E Rome

Since I was a child, I had a place as a privileged spectator of the Italian space world, and I had the opportunity to witness the launch at the Kourou base when I was a teenager. I was definitively fascinated by this world and by what the people can do with their research and knowledge.

By growing, I choose to follow my passion but from another perspective and I graduated in law with an address in aerospace law. My interest has been driven from understanding the logic of how people since ancient times have defined the various cases of life looking for a way to live together according to defined rules and by enlarging it to the space world.

Later on, more than twenty years ago, I started my job by working for space industry and I am still continue with the same passion. I am based in Rome and I have increasingly expanded my skills by covering more roles and, during these years, I acquired skills in space policies and estimated as expert.
I managed and coordinated working groups and several commercial tenders.

These activities offered to me the opportunity to interacting with leading industry experts and with the most active agencies in the world.

My passion comes from the curiosity on how the technologies, missions and services can contribute to improving the quality of life, increasing knowledge of our planet and universe. My experience has led me to believe that to working in team, by collecting more competences, is the way to bring the result and to go forward.

I adopted the same approach with the WIA-E Rome LG and today Iā€™m increasingly confident that is the right way by building a very amusing and friendly environment with our young generation that makes available their professionalism and enthusiasm by achieving great results. My main enthusiasm is driven by the atmosphere of solidarity created among us to reach the common goal.
I have combined my love for space with a constructive environment that leads me to believe, with greater conviction, that as women we can build a better future.

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