Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

Rachana Reddy Mamidi, WIA-E Berlin

I am Rachana Reddy Mamidi, a space engineer based in Berlin, Germany.

Right before Christmas, I started a podcast series Those Space People to feature casual cosmic conversations with people working on all things space.

With all the space events getting cancelled due to the pandemic, I really missed meeting new people and having all those incredible short conversations that always expand my horizons a little bit more. So I thought why not reach out to people online and publish brief conversations as a podcast. Moreover, it might be interesting to space enthusiasts outside of the space industry who rarely get to hear from us space professionals doing exciting things on an everyday basis.

Looking forward to many casual cosmic conversations with you all!

Would you like to join me in a conversation? Feel free to reach out to me at berlin@wia-europe.org



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