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Workshop: The Art of Productivity

WIA-E Bremen is inviting you to join a unique workshop session on the “art of productivity”, based on the experience of Dr. Sabrina Melchionna, who will share with us her method and suggestions in handling the daily, weekly, and long-term deadlines.

As working women, we find ourselves responsible for looking after our career without losing contact with our personal life. Dr. Melchionna  is a freelancer consultant, and when started this career path, she  was not really aware of all the challenges she had to overcome. Among others, she had to face a general lack of structure in her days, and the overwhelming task of balancing the amount and quality of the time spent on professional life, family, and own well-being. With time, she has discovered several instruments that allowed her to reconnect with herself, and to find out the suitable structure needed to feel satisfied with achieved results.

During the past year of restrictions, we all had to revise our routines to some extend. In this workshop , Dr. Melchionna will share her experience and introduce a number productivity methods she has encountered on her journey, so you can find the one that works best for you. She will show us how to develop each one of these methods in an analogue medium: a bullet journal. From your side, please be ready with a notebook and a pen. Each notebook is fine, but a dotted A5 one is the best tool. If you have any doubts regarding the material needed, please contact her at info@melchionna.de.

To register, please send an e-mail to bremen@wia-europe.org

We are looking forward to your participation!

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