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Workshop: WIA-E UK RADA Training for Members

Join WIA-E UK and RADA on the 11th March from 12:00-14:00 for a workshop on ‘Building Inner Confidence’.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the WIA-E UK Local Group is delighted to be partnering with RADA to bring you a special offer training course. The Royal Academy for Dramatic Art has taught many of the country’s leading actors and now you can benefit from their expertise.  Through RADA Business, they help people at work become brilliant communicators, through world-class performance programmes and coaching.

Impostor syndrome is something that most people experience at some point in their life, however senior you are. For some, it is a constant thought and feeling that can manifest and prevent us from owning our achievements, speaking up, being seen and performing at our best.

By exploring the body, breath and voice, participants will come to understand status and how the associated behaviours of low and high status affect us physically and mentally. By experiencing high status, and allowing ourselves to embody high status, we can re-frame the language we use with others, as well as the inner dialogue that we have with ourselves.

The masterclass will give participants some easy techniques (landing sentences, interruption techniques, posture and vocal impact….) thought processes and approaches that they can use in and out of the workplace.


  • Explored low and high status behaviour
  • An awareness of how low confidence exhibits physically and vocally.
  • Re-framed our inner voice to what we want it to be
  • Built trust in ourselves, our thoughts and our values
  • Confidence to be seen & heard

WIA-E is pleased to offer 25 spaces for all WIA-E members at a cost of £12. (This training would usually cost more than £90 per person).

Please register here.

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