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Webinar: “Surviving on Mars” with Gisela Detrell

“In order for humans to one day live on Mars, a Life Support System will be required, which should be capable of sustainably provide all the resources necessary for survival: oxygen, water and food. How is this being done today on the International Space Station? Can we use the same technologies for further and longer missions? What is currently being researched and what can we expect for the future? Will we eat dehydrated food on the red planet or grow our own potatoes? What about tasty algae?”

Dr. Gisela Detrell will explain how to survive on Mars in the next #Women4Space conference next 18th of March at 17pm! She currently heads the “Life Support Systems” research group at the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart, in Germany. Her research focuses on how humans can be kept alive in space as independently as possible from Earth’s resources, whether in a space station around the Earth, on the Moon, Mars or beyond.

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