Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

WIA-E Switzerland: Strategies to Accelerate your Career in Aerospace

Find out how to develop and retain top female talent & learn 7 ways how women can set themselves up for success as they rise up

Join WIA-E Switzerland for a discussion session, where we will speak about the new WIA-Europe White Paper on how to increase the number of C-level women in the European space sector. The members of the working group Silvia Bianchi, Véronique Glaude and Gabriella Goddard will be with us to share their findings, key barriers to progress, and practical strategies to accelerate change to increase the number of women in the C-Suite in the European space sector.

Feel free to download the White Paper “Increasing The Number Of Women in C-Suite Roles”, which is available to all members of Women In Aerospace Europe HERE.

Register for the event HERE.

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