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WIA-Europe Outstanding Achievement Award Ceremony at the Living Planet Symposium

Dr Anny Cazenave, WIA-Europe Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient 2021
Dr Anny Cazenave, WIA-Europe Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient 2021

Join ESA and Women in Aerospace (WIA)-Europe in celebrating scientist >>Dr. Anny Cazenave, French space geodesist and one of the pioneers in satellite altimetry. Dr. Cazenave is the recipient of the 2021 WIA-Europe Outstanding Achievement Award that will be presented to her during the >>Living Planet Symposium in Bonn on 24 May 2022, 17:25 – 18:15 CET.

WIA-Europe >>yearly confers this award, honouring noteworthy accomplishments and exemplary leadership abilities of individuals as a recognition within the space community and as an inspiration for the new generations. In particular successful female role models are of crucial importance to young people entering the STEM field.

During the event you will have the opportunity to hear inspiring speeches by our two distinguished speakers: Simonetta Cheli and Dr. Anny Cazenave


The programme include

  • Welcome Luisella Giulicchi, WIA-Europe President
  • Speech Simonetta Cheli, ESA Director of Earth Observation Programmes
  • 2021 WIA-E Outstanding Achievement Award Ceremony
  • Speech Dr. Anny Cazenave, 2021 WIA-Europe Outstanding Achievement Awardee
  • Networking session

Read the WIA-Europe interview with Dr. Anny Cazenave here >>

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