Event 01.12.2022Time 1-3 December
Location Fiera di Roma, Italy

From 1-3 December, Women In Aerospace Europe will be present at the New Space Economy Expoforum in Rome with a variety of activities. We invite you to join us at our booth (Hall 9/Booth A1>>)  and learn more about your membership benefits as well as upcoming events and initiatives.

Next to our general presence at the WIA-Europe booth, our programme will include:


THURSDAY, 1 December

  • 14:00 MEET & GREET with Giorgio Saccoccia (ASI)

We are pleased to have Giorgio Saccocia>>, President of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), at our booth for a Meet & Greet.

  • 14:00 MEET & GREET with Maria Cristina Falvella (ASI)

Don’t miss Maria Cristina Falvella>>, Senior Researcher at the

  • 15:30 MEET & GREET with Fiammetta Diani (EUSPA)

Join us for a Meet & Greet with Fiammetta Diani>>, Head of Market, Downstream & Innovation at EUSPA – EU Agency for the Space Programme.

  • 16:30 MEET & GREET with Rodrigo Da Costa (EUSPA)

We are pleased to have Rodrigo da Costa>>, Executive Director at EUSPA – EU Agency for the Space Programme, present at our booth for a Meet & Greet.


We are delighted to present this year’s winners>> of the WIA-Europe Grants & Awards Programme in a ceremony that will be held at the Arena conference area>> (exhibition hall 9).


FRIDAY, 2 December

  • 10:30 MEET & GREET with Isabella Poldrugo (EUROPEAN COMMISSION)

We are pleased to have Isabella Poldrugo>>, Deputy Head of Unit – Space Policy at the European Commission at our booth for a Meet & Greet.

  • 10:30 MEET & GREET with Christina Giannopapa (WIA-E/EUSPA)

Join us to chat with Christina Giannopapa>>, Head of the Office of the Executive Director at the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) and Chair of the Board at Women In Aerospace Europe.

  • 13:00 NETWORKING LUNCH with WIA-Europe members

Are you at the NSE on Friday? Meet us at the booth and let’s have a networking lunch together.

  • 14:00 MEET & GREET with Dominique Tilmans (Eurisy)

Join the WIA-Europe booth for a Meet & Greet with Dominique Tilmans>>, President of Eurisy, a Paris based, non-profit association gathering space agencies, international organisations, research institutions, and private businesses involved or interested in space-related activities across Europe.

  • 14:00 MEET & GREET with Claudia Kessler 

Delighted to see Claudia Kessler>>, Visionary, Speaker, Advisor, and Co-Founder of WIA-Europe, joining the WIA-Europe booth for a Meet & Greet.

  • 14:30 MEET & GREET with Ersilia Vaudo (ESA)

We are looking forward to welcome Ersilia Vaudo>>, ESA Chief Diversity Officer, at our booth for a Meet & Greet.

  • 15:30 MEET & GREET with Pascale Ehrenfreund (ISU / COSPAR)

We are pleased that Pascale Ehrenfreund>>, at our booth for a Meet & Greet.


SATURDAY, 3 December

  • 11:00 MEET & GREET with Simonetta Di Pippo

We are pleased to have Simonetta Di Pippo>>, Honorary President and Co-Founder of Women In Aerospace Europe, and former

  • Time tbc MEET & GREET with Paola Belingheri

Paola Belingheri>>, WIA-Europe Director of Research and Lecturer/Researcher at Luiss Guido Carli, will join the WIA-E booth for a Meet & Greet and share insights into current gender-related research of various WIA-Europe groups.