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WIA-E Toulouse: Improve your social relationships with the science of personality

Think of all the daily interactions you have with people: at work, with your family, your friends… We all speak the same language, and yet communication is not always easy… Now imagine a world where you understand the motivations of others, and where you know how to communicate effectively to reduce tension and strengthen relationships.

WIA-E Toulouse invites you to attend this new workshop ‚ÄúImprove your social relations through the science of personality‚ÄĚon Tuesday April 4, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. at Loft Orbital offices, in Toulouse.

You will learn to identify the main traits of your personality and to decode those of others, without locking yourself into boxes thanks to the Big Five model. You will discover the only model of personality validated by neurosciences which is consensus in the community.

A cocktail reception will be served following the workshop. Register quickly, places are limited! 

The program of the workshop:

  • Understand the basic concepts of personality
  • Identify the characteristics of one’s own personality (self-questionnaire)
  • Develop your ability to decode the personality of others (practical cases + exercise in pairs)
  • Use the knowledge acquired to improve professional and personal relationships

Who is the speaker?

<<Audrey Ginisty>> is a speaker and leadership consultant, she supports business leaders in structuring their management with tools from the latest scientific research.

She is also a psychologist by training, specialising in personality psychology and science popularizer on the Youtube channel “<<La Psy Qui Parle>>” (+57K subscribers).

Since September 2022, she has launched her “<<Leader Insight>>” podcast dedicated to CEOs and Managers who wish to have practical tools to recruit, motivate and retain their team.

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