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Success at the 2nd Children’s Space Congress during World Space Week in Madrid

As part of the celebration of World Space Week, today, October 4th, the 2nd Children’s Space Congress took place in Tres Cantos, an event organized by the association Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) in collaboration with the City Council.

This congress aimed to introduce the exciting world of space to young students in the municipality. Throughout the day, the students had the opportunity to delve into various topics related to the space industry. It began by exploring the Space Industry in the city, highlighting the significant presence of sector companies in the municipality and providing information about the activities and projects carried out by these companies.

Next, the critical issue of Space Debris, its implications, and current challenges were addressed, given the growing number of satellites in orbit around the Earth.


The day concluded with a fascinating talk about the return to the Moon, allowing young people to explore the history of the space race to the Moon and current and future missions.

The young audience showed great interest in the topics and remained attentive and participative throughout the day. The goal of this event was to awaken potential vocations in the space sector and show them that working in the space industry and even becoming an astronaut is within reach of their dreams and efforts. The city’s mayor, deputy mayor, and councillors for Education and Childhood and Youth opened the event.

This 2nd Children’s Space Congress has been a resounding success. Both WIA-E and the City Council appreciate the active participation of the students and reaffirm our commitment to continue inspiring future generations in the exploration and understanding of the universe.

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