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STEM Education in Europe (2021)


  • Which factors have the biggest impact on girlsā€™ interest in STEM?
  • What are the weakest points of the STEM education landscape in Europe?
  • What are the key motivators & main influencers that help young people pursue pathways into STEM?
  • What can be done to retain young women in this field?

Skills Gap in the Aerospace Sector (2021)


  • What is the current skills deficit in the aerospace sector?
  • Are new graduates matching the skill set needed by industry?
  • Which soft skills will become increasingly valued alongside technical competencies?
  • What are the key challenges stakeholders need to overcome?

Women in the C-Suite (2021)


  • What are the four key obstacles that inhibit more women from rising to the top?
  • Why do businesses experience difficulties retaining female staff?
  • What are the six main strategies for the key stakeholders to future-proof the pipeline to the C-Suite?
  • Which seven actions can women take to set themselves up for success?


Smart Working (2022)


  • What are the main challenges and opportunities of Smart Working?
  • How is the legal landscape for Smart Working shaped across Europe?
  • Which Smart Working strategies are specific to the Aerospace industry?
  • What is the impact of Smart Working for employees with protected characteristics or grounds?


Visibility of Female Experts in Media and Public Debate (2022)


  • What do journalists expect when contacting an expert?
  • Are databases of female experts actually useful?
  • How to leverage your media contacts?
  • Which best practices can be followed on both sides, media and female STEM experts, to make easy contact and increase visibility of female experts in the media?


In Summer 2021, WIA-Europe launched its Working Group initiative with the aim of drafting White Papers relevant to the objectives of our association and our community.


The working groups consist of individual and corporate members, embracing as many perspectives as possible to profoundly cover the respective topics and provide actionable recommendations.


The first White Papers were presented during a series of round tables within the programme of the World Space Week 2021.


The second phase of the project includes implementation of compiled recommendations within WIA-Europe initiatives.

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