Empowering all Women, in Space and on Earth

WIA Europe Partners with the SIPA Press Space Girls Project

SIPA press, one of the world’s main photojournalism agencies and corporate member of WIA-Europe, is launching a major project dedicated to space exploration from womenā€™s perspectives called Space Girls, Space Women. This provides a new photographic odyssey about three generations of ā€œspaceā€ women: girls, students and professionals. The project aims to bring a new perspective to science, technology and innovation through space.

ā€œWeā€ says Simonetta di Pippo, President of WIA-E ā€œaccepted last January to be an associated member of Space Girls, Space Women because this project is perfectly in line with our final goal : To develop a society in which diversity will not be noticed anymore and to advocate the importance of aerospace activities at the same timeā€.

Would you like to know more about ā€œSpace Girls, Space Womenā€? Please contact:
Fiorella Coliolo,Ā fcoliolo@exoworld.net
Benoit Delplanque,Ā benoit@sipa.com

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