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WIA-Europe presents the German selection for the next female Astronaut

Dear WIA-Europe members,

On¬†March 1, 2017¬†we were delighted to present, in Bremen, the¬†six final candidates¬†from the¬†German private Astronaut selection ‚ÄúAstronautin‚ÄĚ. You can find their profiles on the following website¬†http://dieastronautin.de/english-version/

Not only did we show the public some excellent engineers and scientists, we also launched our crowdfunding campaign.

With this campaign we aim to fund the initial training phase in 2017. We have huge emotional support from the community but we also need financial support in order to launch the first German woman into space.

Scientists have shown great interest in the data to be gained in microgravity and the mission will create a standout role model which will inspire more girls to take up engineering and science.

Promote our initiative to colleagues, friends and family! Help us make this real!
Support us now! www.startnext.com/dieastronautin

I look forward to your contribution!

Kind regards,

Claudia Kessler
Initiator of Die Astronautin and President of WIA-Europe

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