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WIA-E Rome informs of first “European Challenge for FabSpacer” edition 2017

The challange is addressed to researchers, students and entrepreneurs interested in supporting those organizations (Public, Private and NGOs) which aimes to estimate the population level of  several Africa region, using Earth Observation satellite data (expecially data from Sentinel- 2 satellite). The “European Challenge FabSpacers” will be held in each of European FabSpace.

The winners of the local FabSpace will present their work at CLEF 2017 which will take place in Dublin from 11 to 14 September 2017 (http://clef2017.clef-initiative.eu/)!

Furthermore, a Bootcamp period is expected  to evaluate the opportunity of business developments of your solution!

For more datailes see the attachment.

You have time until April 25 to partecipate at European Challange for FabSpace but, the online registration deadline is April 21, 2017 on http://clef2017-labs-registration.dei.unipd.it/registrationForm.php.

Hurry up!


Best regards,
WIA-E Rome Local Group

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