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WIA-E Bremen report of event PlanBlue

Dear WIA-E members,

during the WIA-E Bremen meeting of 6 March 2019, Dr. Hannah Brocke (Co-founder & COO of PlanBlue GmbH) previously a scientist, currently an entrepreneur, told us about her passion in facing always new challenges.

The mission and vision of PlanBlue has been presented and enriched with the personal experiences and stories.

Dr. Brocke changes her role from a scientist to a business leader of a start-up from Bremen, but the motivation and enthusiam remain the same. The meeting brought out similar situations faced by other members, e.g. few female profiles in the scientific field, similar attitude in expecting feedback and work-family balance.

This event saw the participation of members from OHB, Airbus Defence and Space, DLR, some of them new to WIA-E, and many shared their personal experience too, over the course of 4 hours.

Here below a picture from the meeting.

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